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Holly Farm Shopping Center
16074 S.E. McLoughlin Blvd.
Milwaukie, Oregon 97267

Laser Tag Gallery

High Tech Fun

A non-contact sport, Ultrazone appeals to people of all ages in all walks of life, at all skill levels. It's one of the few places where parents and kids can play together.

lasertag portland family entertainment Come alone or with a group of friends. Novices are just as likely to score big points and participate in team strategies as the experts. Ultrazone is the perfect place for birthday parties, corporate get-together's, family gatherings, and other special events.



Team Sport

A maximum of 39 people can play at one time. Participants are divided into three teams before each game. A specially trained Game Master gives each group a detailed briefing of how the game is played. Special attention is taken to insure that teams are grouped together according to levels of skill. Next, players move into the Vesting Room and obtain their equipment. Everyone wears a special vest outfitted with flashing lights and sensors. Using a real laser beam, players score points by "tagging" opposing team members and by "capturing" opposing teams' bases. Players incorporate teamwork to protect their own bases and develop strategies to outwit opposing teams. No one is eliminated during the game. Special computers track all the action and tally points. The highest scoring team wins the game!



Challenging Environment

Ultrazone is played in a huge 5000 square feet arena built on two levels with incredible special effects. Step inside Ultrazone and experience movable walls, popping lights, eerie glowing rocks, a room of reflections, ramps, and mazes.


Ultrazone Arena Unknown challenges lurk around every corner. A robot sentinel springs suddenly to life and guards the strategic high ground. Black light, cool fog, intense music, and special effects all combine to create a futuristic world of excitement. After playing one game, you will know why we are called "the adrenaline playground."



Know the Score

When the game ends, players return to the lobby to receive personal score cards. Individual and team scores are shown, including details of all action which took place during the game. Monitors in the lobby display real-time individual & team scores, so even those not involved in the game can see the game unfold.



Age Levels

Ultrazone is appropriate for anyone at least 7 years old. Kids 5 and 6 may play, but may need to be accompanied by a playing adult.



What to Wear

Comfortable shoes are recommended. Light colored clothing will "glow" in the black light, so some players feel they do better in darker clothes. Backless Sandals, Open-toe, platform, and high-heel shoes are prohibited.



Portland's Best Laser Tag Facility

You can play regular laser tag, or experience laser tag at Ultrazone. Our signature features - fully themed facilities, three-team format, unique game arenas (no two are the same in the world), and our renowned multi-level arena set us apart from other laser tag facilities. And our staff is trained to show you the best time possible. So compare us to so-called competitors and you'll be back to Ultrazone, "The Ultimate Laser Adventure."


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